Premier Academic Editing

Mertina Writing Services (MWS) is a premier academic writing and editing service that has been helping students and professionals worldwide to put their best self on paper since 2015. We are known for completing jobs with alacrity and precision and at affordable rates. Our highly trained and enthusiastic team ensures that each client receives customized help that allows their unique voice to shine through their writing. We assist with a wide variety of academic and professional writing assignments and provide academic consulting services.

With us good writing is made easy!

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Application Consulting

We can be as hands-on and involved in your application process as you need us to be. We can work with you from the start of the application to the end or work with you specifically on areas that are challenging to you. 

We Help With:

  • Brainstorming and composing application essays (such as a personal statement or statement of purpose).

  • Advising students on how to ask the correct professors and mentors for letters of recommendation.

  • Formulating and revising resumes and CV's.

  • Creating an action plan for students to successfully complete applications.


Are you currently applying to college, graduate school, or scholarships?

If so, Mertina Writing Services can help you to put your best foot forward this application season! 

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