We foster an efficient and stress-free experience for our clients. All of our services are personalized with you in mind. We work quickly and thoroughly and make sure that you leave with writing, tutoring, or consultation that suits your needs!
— Danielle Procope Bell

Personal Statements:

"Danielle did an amazing job revising my personal statement! She quickly responded to my initial inquiry, quoted a price, then went to work! She provided two rounds of revisions, which definitely helped guide me in the right direction. I love how Danielle provided suggestions and notes on how to use my ideas to improve my personal statement, rather than just fixing everything herself. Overall I'm impressed at the outcome, so I absolutely recommend using her services! Thank you, Danielle!"

- Chantal (California, USA) 

"I needed my personal statement looked over for my grad school application (MBA) and the feedback was exactly what I needed. She makes helpful suggestions and edits. She offers to look at the paper again, once you've made corrections. In addition to this, she responds to emails quickly. She was also able to get my personal statement (about 500 words) back to me in under 24 hours. I will be acquiring her services in the future."

- Annita (Tennessee, USA) 


"Danielle provided excellent service in proofreading and editing my papers for graduate school admissions. She was encouraging, insightful, and very helpful. I would highly recommend her services!!"

- Tracie (Arkansas, USA) 

"Absolutely Yes! Though I asked Danielle for help in such a sudden, she replied quickly and helped me with my SOP efficiently! If without her, I couldn't submit my SOP with high quality in time. Thank you so much."

- Adrienne (Guangdong, China)

"Yes! Danielle's work is thorough, concise and smooth. I am impressed with her work and how she is able to maintain my voice throughout the editing process, some folks I have worked with in the past haven't known how to do that."

- Fabian (Washington, USA) 

"She was great, listened to my requests and included everything I mentioned, I'm happy with the final product."

- Lisa (Tennessee, USA) 


"Yes I am very happy with the services you provided me with. Danielle was very patient especially with my extremely rough drafts and was willing to help me each step of the way. She was available at all time zones when I needed guidance or direction for my paper and no question is a dumb question. She carries the qualities of a great mentor for writing."

- Vanessa (Virginia, USA) 

"Yes, I'm quite pleased. I liked the reorganization or rather an imposition of organization on my second essay. The comments ask the right questions, and now I have a clearer vision on how to proceed with my essays."

- Ted (California, USA)

"I had an amazing experience with Mertina Writing Services. Danielle was so helpful and responsive in helping me edit my Graduate school thesis. I sent her my paper on a Friday, and I received it back with edits and comments on Monday! I was so impressed with how quickly she was able to assist me, while still providing me with truly helpful edits/feedback. Thank you Danielle, I'm so glad that I reached out."

- Sefanit (Washington, USA) 


"Everything was perfect. My email answered quickly and I got work back to me very fast. Editor was nice and gave great feedback and fixed all mistakes. it was amazing and stress-free. Thank you!!! I will use your service again soon."

- Joanie (Maryland, USA) 

 "Danielle was super reliable and efficient. Her method of proofing was really easy to understand and very insightful and I felt more confident with my work."

- Jennifer (England, UK) 

"Thanks Danielle for the outstanding job you did! You were extremely helpful, easy to work with, followed my instructions perfectly, and the quality was excellent. You made the experience wonderful and I will be contacting you again in the future. Thanks again."

- Susie (Tennessee, USA) 

Full-Length Manuscripts:

"Mertina Writing Services is truly the way to go! They offer efficient and professional services that will relieve the stress and anxiety experienced when dealing with writing projects. As an educated and experienced writer and editor myself, I sent my book manuscript to be edited. My manuscript was returned to me with thought evoking comments, important grammatical changes, and formatted into the style of a book. I was especially impressed to receive my work in such a timely manner. Mertina Writing Services offers a range of wonderful services and I plan on utilizing them again. In addition, to the book editing, I received commentary on my book that will be utilized on many platforms. The commentary was thoughtful, thorough, and just what I want my readers to see. I have included their information on my book and will be recommending them to my colleagues!" 

- Destiny Robbins the author of Baby, You Should Wait Awhile  (California, USA)